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Perfume has been part of my personal history since childhood, never ceasing to occupy my nose and my mind.

I created 46 Parfums to pay tribute to scent, that "immense detail" described by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.

It's a unique concept: a perfume design agency that works with individuals to explore their olfactory identity.


46 Parfums also evokes the perfume organ: an instrument invented by the music-loving English chemist Septimus Piesse, in which the keys of a piano activated one of 46 different fragrances. In 1857, in his book The Art of Perfumery, Piesse used music to describe how notes and scents can work together. "There is, as it were, an octave of odours like an octave in music; certain odours coincide, like the keys of an instrument..."

Far removed from algorithms and other recommendation AIs, and committed to our independence from brands, we offer you a genuine meeting of minds leading to self-discovery that nourishes sensations and emotions. It takes a different, new and unique experience to find your exceptional perfume


An exceptional perfume is part of a sincere approach to creating a "work of art".  With its highly personal olfactory profile, it risks not pleasing everyone. Over and above the very high quality of the juice, and the noble materials used in its conception, an exceptional perfume is first and foremost an object and actor of desire. It's a creation that has to be earned and sought out... shared only by word of mouth among connoisseurs.  At 46 Parfums, we have a constantly updated collection of over 700 exceptional fragrances.

With 46 Parfums, I invite you to enter this world of the enlightened

Let's share the 46 Parfums adventure, yours is one of them.


Bruno Boussion, fondateur de 46Parfums.

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